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About me

So here I guess I best write stuff about me. I live in Britain. I'm a Software Engineering graduate.

I've ran other websites based on technology such as, and a ton of secondary websites and webtools.

I am a music fan. I focus on rock, alternative rock, metal rock, hard rock, rock, rock, rock, and occasionally some techno - with hints of rock. Some notable bands include Paradise Lost, The Offspring, Disturbed, Machinae Supremacy, Funeral for a friend, Avenged Sevenfold, Harry, In Flames, Millencolin, Samiam, Stabbing Westward, Zeromancer, Garbage, and many many more.

For a list of bands I can remember seeing click here

The important stuff

Operating systems

Linux (Debian, Ubuntu)

Windows Manager

Openbox. <3


Eclipse, (g)VIM

IRC Clients


IRC networks


Firefox (Graphical), w3m (Text Mode)

Programming Languages

C/C++, PHP, Perl (uh.. sorta), Python, Assembly, brainfuck, Visual Basic, VBScript, Java, JSP, JavaScript, LEO/AdoScript, DSSSL, Common Lisp, Scheme, Shell Scripting, Batch Command File Scripting, mIRC Scripting(shudders and stop laughing!), C#


I'm a large supporter of Open Source and Free software. I also believe Licenses such as GPL and the Creative Commons License are of crucial importance in keeping technology free, and encouraging innovation in both creative and technical fields blosom.

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